All the Tofugu I failed to tell you about

Six months of quiet. Oops. That wasn’t very good was it. I have been doing things in those six months though. I wasn’t just hiding in a cave communing with nature and honing my mental powers, I promise.

Look I have proof; Tofugu articles. Everyone knows caves have terrible Wifi. How could I have written these from a cave.


Introducing Introduction: Mastering the Jikoshokai and ALT Self-Intro Class

In which I introduce introductions and talk more about sheep than you’d expect.


Let’s all get NAKED! Onsen and Body Image

This is the article I enjoyed writing the most this year. It’s an ambition of mine to write a book about onsen one day (this is not just a ploy to get to visit lots of wonderful hot springs, really it isn’t.) Seriously though, if you only read one thing I’ve written, let it be this.


Getting Down and Dirty with Japan’s Garbage

My vocabulary went all trans-atlantic in this one. It is rubbish or trash? I don’t even know any more.


How to Cope When Japan isn’t Perfect

Yeah, this is drawn largely from my own experience. Writing it, and hopefully helping other people going through similar troubles, really helped me come to terms with a lot of the crazy stuff that happened to me in Japan.


Wined, Dined, Brined, and Intestined: Acquiring a Taste for Japanese Delicacies

Kudos to my editor for that title. Mmmmm intestined… I had a lot of fun researching this one. I do love a good gross food story. Ever since I wrote the cookbook ‘Making Meals with Seals’ for The Polar Museum, I’ve been a bit obsessed with icky food writing. Watch this space for the Necronomnomnomicon.


Michi no Eki: Japanese Stamp Rally in Hokkaido

And with this one we’re up to date. It still pains me that I never stamped ’em all. One day I’ll get back to Hokkaido and finish my collection. I swear it by my collection of fridge magnets!

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