New Year, New Determination

So far 2015 has brought me two things. First, metal pins in my face. I’m currently recuperating after dental surgery. The positive thing about this is that it’s giving me a lot of time to do things, like update my poor neglected website. The negative thing is: ow.

The second thing 2015 has brought me is determination to get things done. 2014 was a pretty packed year. I got engaged, moved my life between three different countries, and was payed for writing for the first time (living the dream!). Still, I think I was fairly lazy last year. I still haven’t made progress in some big areas. So 2015, let’s do this.

Even though I’m shouting into the void a bit here (hello void!), I’m going to try to use this site to hold myself to account by posting more regularly.

Here are my goals: write consistently, study Japanese consistently, waste less time.

Here’s to a consistent 2015 and the alleviation of dental pain!

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