Such summer

When I told people I was moving to Canada, everyone wanted to talk about how cold it was going to be. I survived my first Canadian winter without much hassle. After living in a flat where a glass of water on my bedside froze while I was sleeping, Canada’s well insulated buildings and sensible snow precautions were a great improvement.

However, nobody warned me about the summers. Canada is certainly the hottest place I’ve lived yet. OK, Japan might be hotter in general, but certainly not where I was living. It rarely made it above 14 degrees in Nemuro.

My poor, soggy British soul isn’t sure what to do with all this sunshine. The thunderstorms are very satisfying though.

In other news, my latest Tofugu article just went live. I loved writing this one because it is all about my favourite things, books! More specifically, it’s about the books behind Studio Ghibli movies like Howl’s Moving Castle, The Borrowers, and Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Writing about Howl’s Moving Castle got me all emotional. Diana Wynne Jones is my favourite author and her books are a large part of why I want to write in the first place. If I could ever write anything that comforted and enlightened someone as much as her books did for me, I would be a very, very happy person. I had a chance to meet her once at a Q and A session. She was as amazing in person as her books. To this day, I regret not sending her a fan letter while she was still alive. I am glad I got the chance through Tofugu to encourage others to read her books.

27 times around the sun

I’ve been around the sun 27 times. That’s a long way to travel.

It’s always been my favourite way to wish people happy birthday to remind them that they’ve travelled all the way around a star again. It puts birthdays in a cosmic perspective. It simultaneously makes me feel insignificant and as if I’ve achieved something. Both can be true at the same time I think.

I should make some birthday cards to that effect. Also, probably ones thanking my mother. She’s cool.