Verity Lane is a writer who finds writing about herself in the third person disconcerting. Originally from the flatlands of Cambridgeshire, she headed to rival Oxford where she studied Classical Archaeology (and spent a lot of time knitting.) A love of writing and rain took her to Manchester where she studied for her MA in Creative Writing under M.J. Hyland.

The JET Programme sent her to teach in the easternmost place in Japan, Nemuro on the island of Hokkaido. She spent three years there eating strange things, meeting great people, and falling in love. Japan gave her plenty to write about. Her work for the wacky Japanese blog Tofugu includes articles on hell, nakedness and socks.

That whole falling in love thing brought her to Canada. The cold holds no fear after Hokkaido, but no one told her it would be this hot. She lives with her partner and her cat John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich.

She recently sold her first short story and is working on writing more.

Verity would love to hear from you (especially if you want to talk about writing.)

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