Notes from the fog

Life in the fog (without Internet)

It is very foggy in Nemuro. That is something of an understatement. To understand how foggy it is here, first you must know that the locals have not one, but two words for fog that aren’t used elsewhere in Hokkaido. It’s so foggy that people had to find new ways if taking about fog. The Japanese for fog is kiri 霧 (きり). Here in Nemuro it’s jiri (じり) or gasu (ガス).

The fog can make you feel colder than even the snow or wind. It’s a damp cold that settles in your bones and makes you feel old. My heater is whirring and I’m all bundled up, but I still feel cold. I probably will until July.

In other news, this blog post is coming from my phone as I only have limited Internet these days. Rationing my usage has been a bit of a struggle. I’m trying to save it for essential things, like my blogging, booking my journey home and only very cutest videos of fluffy creatures. It’s tough. I am getting more writing done though.