I am a writer, editor, and game designer.
I currently wrangle words, slay errors, and dream up monsters for Hit Point Press.

Recent Publications


Text on the left of the image reads Humblewood 2 Beyond the Canopy. 
On the right a party of anthropomorphic animal adventurers on a mountainside help each other through a rockfall.

Humblewood 2 Playtest
Project Manager, Game Designer, Writer, and Livestreamer

A preview of a double page spread of the book The Field Guide to Floral Dragons showing the Azalea Dragon page stands in front of a collage of art of the Floral Dragons by Kin Wald.

The Field Guide to Floral Dragons
Writer and Editor


Characters from the You Tube Series Fool's Gold by Dingo Doodles surround the logo of the book 'Fool's Gold Into the Bellowing Wilds'. Text reads Campaign Setting September 13, 2023.

Fool’s Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds
Lead Editor, Game Designer, and Writer

The Humblewood Tales logo stands in front of villains from the book, the shadowy fox Kren, a blue deer-like creature called a Loper, the Slime King made up of bird skulls and green ooze, and a sea serpent called a wakewyrm. Text in the lower right reads Supplement + Adventures July 7, 2023

Humblewood Tales


A fantasy mountain scene. Text reads SHIFT Quickstart Beta, Shift Preview Nov 10, 2022

SHIFT Quickstart

A grinning masked jester emerges from a poster under the name Heckna! Text in lower right reads Campaign Setting July 2022


The cover of The Fablemaker's Animated Tarot Guide book on the left shows the art of the Hermit card. On the right, a spread previews the Magician card.

The Fablemaker’s Animated Tarot Guide Book
Editor and Game Designer

A smug woman stands with her hands on her hips on top of a cloud. She is wearing lightning bolt earrings. An eagle flies close by her. The title Perigon is at the top.

Perigon: Big Bad Booklet


A grey cat with a white chest and a purple collar covered in runes stares at the viewer. He is in a darkened wizard's tower and the moon shines through a window behind him. The title Baudelaire is at the top.

Baudelaire: Big Bad Booklet


The left side shows the cover of The Big Book of Big Bads with a gathering of villains around a table. The Right side showsthe cover of Creatures & Curios, a monster with many arms and a giant hungry mouth consuming magic items. 
Text reads Bosstiary, bestiary & magic items June 23, 2023

Big Bad Booklet, The Big Book of Big Bads, Creatures & Curios
Project Manager, Editor, Game Designer, and Writer

Other Writing

The Springwood Shelter for Genetically Modified Animals
Short story, 2015
Crossed Genres Magazine

Go to (Japanese) Hells!
Article, 2015

The Books Behind Your Favorite Studio Ghibli Films
Article, 2015

Let’s Nabe! A Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Hot Pot Cooking
Article, 2015

Let’s All Get NAKED! Onsen and Body Image
Article, 2014

HELP! I Don’t Know How to ALT! Tips for becoming a better team teacher
Article, 2014

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